Goin’ Down - Gary Hoey at The 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show Day 1

Goin’ Down - performed by Gary Hoey at The 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show
Aram Doroff (Bass), Mike Gage (Drums)   01 Day 1  4-29-16


Gary Hoey

As the 1980s gave way to the 90s, and alternative rock came to the fore, many guitar virtuosos found themselves cast to the side of popular culture. This wasn’t the case for Gary Hoey, whose debut album Animal Instinct (released in 1993) garnered both critical accolades and popular recognition. Gary, who was raised in Boston Massachusetts, dropped out of high school to focus his time fully on playing music. He devoted his time to playing local Boston music clubs and providing guitar lessons to other young guitarists.

In 1988 when Ozzy Osbourne was seeking someone to step in for the recently fired Jake E. Lee, Gary was offered an opportunity to audition for the job. While Zakk Wylde ended up being picked for that role, Gary’s time in Los Angeles had such an impact on him that he decided to move there. Shortly after his move he assembled the band Heavy Bones with Joel Ellis (vocals), Rex Tennyson (bass), and Frankie Banail (drums). The group only released a single record before breaking up shortly thereafter.

Despite Heavy Bones quickly fizzling out, Gary wouldn’t have to wait long for success. Propelled by his cover of Focus’s 1971 hit song Hocus Pocus, delivered with his unique and energetic guitar playing, his 1993 solo album Animal Instinct quickly ascended the charts. This was quickly followed by his soundtrack to the 1994 film “Endless Summer II”. Since then he has released a dozen instrumental albums, which have over time shifted towards the surf guitar genre. He has become friends with surf rock legend Dick Dale, who has lavished praise upon Gary, referring to him as one of his all-time favorite guitarists. They later worked together to record a version of Dale’s song Miserlou for the 1997 benefit album M.O.M., Vol 2: Music For Our Mother Ocean. For the same release, Gary also produced and played on a song for Jewel, who was still on the cusp of achieving success.

Be sure to catch his incredible stage presence next time he comes to your town!

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