Gary Hoey - "Steamroller" (Live at the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Show)

Gary Hoey awed the crowd at the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Show!

Gary Hoey (Guitar and Vocals), AJ Pappas (Bass), Matt Scurfield (drums)

Gary Hoey -

When talking about hidden musical jewels in today’s rock and blues scenes, we would be remiss if we neglected to bring Gary Hoey into the discussion.

This incredibly talented guitar player from Boston has over 20 albums in a career spanning almost 30-years during which time he has explored virtually every musical possibility within the rock and roll genre, going from hard rock to blues and even progressive rock.

Gary’s work as a guitar player, producer, composer and arranger is well known and one of the most recognizable within the entertainment industry, having been in touch with big names such as New Line Cinema, Walt Disney, No Fear and ESPN .

He is also a remarkable musical producer, having worked with great artists such as heavy metal Diva, Lita Ford, on her Album “Living Like a Runaway.” Starting out as a hard rock/heavy metal musician, he managed to audition for Ozzy Osbourne in the late
1980s, and even when the gig went to Zakk Wylde this experience helped him to score a record deal with Reprise, experimenting with funk, groove and blues for his (1993) album, “Animal Instinct.”

Gary continued to keep his success train rolling with a wide variety of diverse rock formulas like surf rock (on his “California Dreamin’” release), heavy metal versions of Christmas classics (on “Ho! Ho! Hoey!”), film soundtracks (“The Endless Summer 2”), progressive rock (his “Money” CD) and even music from the “California Screaming” roller-coaster ride!

His most recent release is 2016’s “Dust & Bones”, a blues and hard rock fusion in which he finds himself at home, musically speaking. In those 12 tracks we can hear everything from delta blues-influenced compositions (Boxcar Blues, Deja Blues) to 1950s style hot rock and roll (Who’s Your Daddy, Boot Mill Blues) as well as more personal and introspective compositions like the title track “Dust & Bones”, which calls up Gary’s heavy metal influences.

So why is Gary Hoey, worth a listen? Versatility and good taste top the lengthy list of impressive musicianship qualities that Gary exemplifies and which  determines his value and importance in the music industry.

His outstanding performances presented here, from the 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show & Music Festival positively proves that, without any doubt, no ifs ands or buts, Gary Hoey has definitely “Got It!” He’s a seasoned pro, at ease and comfortable in his element, and at the stage of his career and life where he wants to “give back”, share his knowledge and success, do his part by offering his kind and generous support to boost, promote, help cultivate, to “Take Under His Wing” so to speak, the new young upcoming generation of performers.   
We think that a sincere, dedicated, talented musician like Gary Hoey, who delivers such great quality work, deserves widespread attention, strong praise and recognition of achievement. He is highly recommended.

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