Chris Duarte - "Big Legged Woman" (Live at the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Show)

Chris Duarte rips it up at the 2017 Dallas International Guitar Show!

Chris Duarte (Guitar and Vocals), Matt Temple (Bass), Dave Bowen (drums)
Chris Duarte

Texas guitarist, singer and songwriter Chris Duarte is one great musician who’s unique combination of Texas blues-rock and jazz influenced musical styles have given birth to a new category, “punk blues”, the term he uses to describe his music and style, in which each song breathes an original sound.     

Because of his unorthodox approach to the blues, Chris stays up to date giving a breath of fresh air to one of the most traditional forms of American music, and brings new material aiming to engage a wider audience, delighting all blues lovers around the world!

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Chris Duarte was exposed to the influence of the greats of southern rock and roll, although he quotes Fiddler On The Roof as being the main reason he got into music after seeing the movie on TV. Chris started out learning to play chords on his brother’s guitar. He bought his very own guitar at the age of 14, a $500 1963 Fender Stratocaster! By the time he was 16 he was already playing gigs at clubs, and had the opportunity to enjoy Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Continental Club, in his early days before his breakthrough. SRV was a major influence on young Chris Duarte.

Chris joined local jazz and blues bands in Austin, where he developed his own voice as a guitar player, combining heavy, rhythmic blues with jazz-oriented exotic scales and an improvisational approach, different from the typical lengthy blues of the moment. His abilities and uniqueness didn’t go unnoticed: in 1994 he caught the attention of Silvertone Records, through which he released Texas Sugar/Strat Magik that very same year. This album brought Chris into the electric guitar playing spotlight, granting him the 1995 Guitar Player Magazine’s “Best New Talent” reader’s poll, and fourth place in the magazine’s “Best Blues Guitarist” category, just behind Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Buddy Guy!

Chris Duarte’s singular talents caught Mike Varney’s attention, signing him for Shrapnel Records, a deserved place for Chris’ virtuosistic approach to the blues. Memorable songs include My Way Down (his own version of Freddie King’s Big Legged Woman), Shiloh, .32 Blues and Something Wicked. Without any doubt Chris Duarte is one serious talent who’s music deserves serious listening, especially if you haven’t had the chance to get into his music before.

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