Boogie Chillin Boys - Robert Ealey & U.P. Wilson

The story of The Boogie Chillin Boys

Robert Ealey and U.P. Wilson were lifelong friends from their early 20s. They both lived in the same neighborhood on the west side of Fort Worth Texas, known as The Como. They started playing music together and with other local blues musicians in  bars and clubs in the area, eventually forming a band they called  - The Boogie Chillin Boys.

They would book gigs promoting a full-blown band consisting of 5-6 players, but in reality it was just Robert and U.P.!

When only the two of them showed up for the event, they would claim that the other band members “…must be running late, they probably got lost or had a flat tire, a car breakdown… (locusts, etc.), but they’ll surely be driving up any time now.”

As showtime approached, Robert would set up his drums and U.P. his guitar and amp in order to be “……ready to play as soon as the other band members show up.” But, of course, the nonexistent phantom band members never did.

As planned, it was too late for the club owner to get another band, so Robert and U.P. would end up playing the show as a Duo, thoroughly entertaining the audience. At the end of the night, nobody gave a second thought about those “worthless, good-for-nothing, no-show, (phantom) band members.” But everyone was happy - the audience was happy, the club owner was happy and, as usual, Robert and U.P. were happy pocketing all the gig money!

This video clip chronicles the 1996 reunion of Robert Ealey and U.P. Wilson - The Boogie Chillin Boys!
Performed at The Half Note Club in Athens, Greece
December 6, 1996.

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