Ain’t Nobody’s Business - Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters

Ain’t Nobody’s Business - Performed by Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters at The 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show  04 Day 1  4-29-16

John O'Daniel (Vocals), Jimmy Wallace  (Guitar), Junior Clark (Guitar), Jerry Don Branch (Guitar), Randy Cates (Bass), Mike Gage (Drums), Lance Lopez (Guitar), Unknown (Guitar)

Formed in 1986, Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters was conceived as a 3 guitar triple-threat of guitar slingers and a “Who’s-Who”, best-of-the-best fellowship of various top A-List professional musicians/friends in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area (which, by the way, just so happens to be the breeding ground of some of the best players in the world!)

Over the years Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters has included guitar icon Bugs Henderson, guitarist/businessman/Dallas Guitar Show owner Jimmy Wallace, bassist Bobby Chitwood, vocalist John O’Daniel, guitarist/vocalist Jerry Don Branch, guitarist Matt Tapp, guitarist/vocalist Mike “Junior” Clark, drummer Mike Gage, drummer Mike Arnold, guitarist/pianist/singer Joe Lee, keyboardist Shawn Ferris, bassist James Anderson, drummer Buddy Henderson, bassist Randy Cates, bassist Aram Doroff and others.

This various and sundry cadre of cronies take turns fulfilling the needs of the band when other members must take their temporary leave when their other commitments don’t allow them to participate, only to return as the band's needs and their individual needs and availability again fall into sync. This natural, dynamic artistic evolution continues to this day.

Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters are currently working on their 4th CD release.

Here, Jimmy Wallace & The Stratoblasters perform their stunning rendition of Freddie King’s classic hit “Ain't Nobody's Business” at the 2016 Dallas International Guitar Show - April 29, 2016


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